Saturday, May 26, 2018

Her Last Word by Mary Burton

Though I have to say I didn't like the format of short chapters jumping back and forth in time, I enjoyed the storyline. I have been a fan of Mary Burton for several years, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. Kaitlin came off as pretty hard at first. She had finally decided she couldn't live with herself until she went back to the site of her worst nightmare and discovered the truth of what really happened. No one was happy about her return, and her first interaction with Detective Adler isn't exactly positive. In fact, most of her interactions don't go well. Her determination never wanes, and eventually Adler finds himself more interested in helping Kaitlin than investigating her and even finds himself feeling protective toward her, not that she plans to wait for protection. This time she won't run away. She's ready to finally face the killer.

The story kept a good pace with plenty of Mary Burton suspense laced with a tinge of romance.

Net Galley provided an ARC for review.

Forbidden by Elisabeth Naughton

It's rare a book catches me completely off guard, but this sexy thrilling page turner did. Every time I thought I had the plot or the characters figured out, something would come out of the blue and alter my perceptions again. I didn't like Luc at first, and I thought Natalie was beyond naive and impetuous. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get into the story, but the more I read, the more I couldn't put it down and the more I understood the characters. The ending was way more shocking than I expected, and I have already bought book two because I can't wait to know what happens!

Net Galley provided an ARC for review.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Surviving Girls by Katee Robert

I love Katee Robert and this series.  This book especially creeped me out.  There was never a dull or slow moment.  The plot was so convoluted and interconnected and malevolent. I couldn't put it down and was up until 2:00am trying to finish it. The tension had built so much that I couldn't handle not knowing what was about to happen. Dante and Lei were definitely not the typical romantic suspense couple, and the storyline necessitated a slow burn between them, but I loved them nonetheless. I really need to get a story for Emma and Clarke now. I definitely know who I want to see Emma with, but who knows what might happen for her? I hope I get to find out.

Net Galley provided an ARC.

Beyond Control by Kat Martin

I've read several books by Kat Martin, including in this series, so I felt sure I would enjoy this story. Tory and her sweet but terrified little girl grabbed my heart from the start. The book starts off with plenty of action, and though it slows down at points to focus on the relationships, it keeps the tension at a high level knowing Tory is always looking over her shoulder and ready to run. Josh's ranch with wounded vets as hired hands was the perfect place for her to hide and regroup. Josh didn't want any trouble or any women on his ranch, but he couldn't turn away Tory after he witnessed her desperation and the fear in her child's eyes. Over time, Tory flourishes and she and Josh forget why it's a bad idea for them to get together. Danger comes for them shortly after and from several fronts. Josh know Tory wants to run, but he's ready to make a stand and end it all. Tory just isn't sure if his stand is based on a hero complex or feelings behind friendship for her.

Net Galley provided an ARC.

Captive Lies by Victoria Paige

This was my first Victoria Paige book, but since reading it, I decided to start on her Guardians series and purchased the first book. I really enjoyed this story. Cocky self assured Grant thought he could figure out a way to get whatever he wanted, including the beautiful but secretive Blaire, who helps rescue him from hypothermia. Blaire certainly has reciprocal feelings for Grant, but she knows it can never be forever. She convinces herself it can be for now, but an unfortunate event paints a target on her back she doesn't want to share with Grant. Her disappearance only makes Grant want her even more, and he will do anything and stand up to anyone to have her. 

I loved the mix of suspense and hot chemistry throughout this story. Blaire was self sufficient and didn't really need a hero, but Grant filled in the gaps, and together they just fit.

Net Galley provided an ARC.

Hot Seal Redemption by Lynne Raye Harris

Whenever I'm offered an ARC from Lynn Raye Harris, you can bet I'm downloading a copy within hours and getting all caught up in whatever story she tells. Though I've read and loved every story in this series, this one was a little different. I totally did not expect Bailey to have the profession she did, and who knew Camel would be good with babies?!? Though this was a pretty straightforward story, and the origin of the danger was pretty obvious and pretty nasty, it was still quite suspenseful. I absolutely loved the scenes with Alexei and Ana. He was fabulous and heart melting with her and searingly sexy with Bailey. The ending packed a huge punch of HOT action and everything else a romantic suspense fan wants. This series is an instant read for me. I definitely need to know what's going to happen with Blade, Kayla, and Neo. Hopefully I won't have to wait long.

The Kill Chain by Nichole Christoff

This book made me so happy! I read the description knowing I was going to love it regardless but reading the relationship between Jamie and Adam would remain in a state of limbo for one more book. I'm so glad I was wrong. As usual, Jamie does most of her investigating on her own, but Adam is always there on the fringes. The situation Jamie finds herself in puts her seemingly at odds with Adam, but we all know how much he loves her and would therefore never truly be against her. The story had an interesting and thought provoking plot that kept me guessing and made me practically unable to put it down. I loved the addition of Rappaport to the usual characters, and I was over the top excited about the ending! This is one of my favorite series, and I will always be ready for more.

My thanks go to Net Galley for granting me an ARC.